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Bed Bug Awareness

Did you know that bed bugs can live just about anywhere?  Clean, dirty, cluttered, organized, day or night bed bugs can bite and hitch rides from one unsuspecting host to another.  Bed bugs are known for being found in hotels, motels, and in people’s homes, but those aren’t the only place we’ve seen bed bugs […]

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Turn Up The Heat On Bed Bugs

It’s a well-known fact in the pest professional world that bed bugs HATE heat.  In fact, bed bugs perish after just a few minutes in high heat environments.  This is why the booming business of bed bug heat treatments has exploded in the last decade. With DIY heat rentals, YOU can kill bed bugs as […]

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Why Heat?

Since the discovery of the bed bugs’ ability to evolve and adapt to resist pest control efforts, many exterminators have been looking for a better way to kill the blood sucking bed bug!  Many methods have proven ineffective, but not to worry. Tuscon Bed Bug Heater Rentals knows the secret to bed bug extermination!  The […]

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