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Did you know that bed bugs can live just about anywhere?  Clean, dirty, cluttered, organized, day or night bed bugs can bite and hitch rides from one unsuspecting host to another.  Bed bugs are known for being found in hotels, motels, and in people’s homes, but those aren’t the only place we’ve seen bed bugs reported.  Here is a list of some of the “lesser-known” places that bed bugs are frequently are found.

Public Transit

Taxi cabs, buses, airplanes, trains, and boats are all placed where bed bugs have been reported.  Bed bugs move around by hitching rides on the clothing and belonging of people.  This means that anywhere that has high traffic is a prime place for bed bugs to set up shop.  When bed bugs are found in these locations it is not uncommon for the sighting to show up in viral social media posts or on the nightly news.  Public transportation companies should have a proactive bed bug treatment program in place.

Bonus info: Heat rental packages can treat any of the public transportation locations listed above.  Call us for more info!!


College dorm rooms are unfortunately widely known to be a popular place for bed bugs to be found.  For many of the same reasons that hotels/motels are known to have bed bugs, the same risks apply with dorm rooms.  Dorms often have high turn over of people, they house people that have recently traveled, and rooms are usually very close together (often sharing common walls) meaning bed bugs can move from unit to unit easily.  Colleges should treat EVERY bed bug concern with quick action and effective treatments.  Dorm rooms are perfect places to perform a DIY heat treatment.  Treatments can be usually be performed very quickly and in multiple rooms at a time if needed.

Movie Theaters

Bed bugs don’t just stay in bed!  Any upholstered furniture makes a prime home for bed bugs.  That place could be, and often is, a retail store.  In the past few years we have seen several stories in the news about bed bugs on shopping carts, in new merchandise (like furniture or other plush items), and in new/used car lots.  Keeping your business out of this kind of negative light is essential for your business reputation.  Bad reviews online stating bed bug sightings can be devastating for your business.  That’s why businesses owner are always looking for the fastest treatment options!  Heat is the proven fastest and most effective way to kill bed bugs; and as a bonus, it’s discrete too.  With heater rentals no “bed bug exterminator” vans will ever be outside your business for your customers to see.  You can even keep any un-effected areas operational while the heat treatment is being completed.

So what should you do if you find bed bugs at your business?

The answer is just a few simple steps:

  1. Do a detailed inspection and find the entire area that bed bugs have infested.
  2. Clear the area of all customers and employees.
  3. Schedule your DIY Heat Rental with Tucson Bed Bug Heat Rental!
  4. Perform the easy and effective heat treatment for the desired amount of time (usually 24 hours).
  5. Clean the area and visually inspect for any remaining bugs.

If you have any questions on how to treat your business for bed bugs, call us today!  We can help set you up with the rental package for your needs!