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Since the discovery of the bed bugs’ ability to evolve and adapt to resist pest control efforts, many exterminators have been looking for a better way to kill the blood sucking bed bug!  Many methods have proven ineffective, but not to worry. Tuscon Bed Bug Heater Rentals knows the secret to bed bug extermination!  The answer is simple – HEAT TREATMENTS!  Tuscon Bed Bug Heater Rentals provides affordable and easy to use rental packages featuring Convectex Bed Bug Heaters.  Convectex heaters have been proven, after thousands of successful treatments, to kill bed bugs in just one application.


Why is heat better than traditional bed bug treatments?

Heat treatments are the non-chemical and non-toxic alternative to dangerous extermination chemicals.  After a heat treatment the treated areas are safe for you, your family and your pets to re-enter.  There is no need for concern about allergic reactions or damaged health from toxic fumes.  Heat treatments are only applied to the affected areas and is able to penetrate walls, furniture, mattresses and other hard to reach areas.  As soon as the room cools it is safe to re-enter!

Another benefit of heat treatments is its ability to kill bed bugs at any stage of their life cycle.  Bed bugs in their nymph or inside their eggs are very difficult to kill using traditional methods due to their small size and protective measures.  Not all pesticides kill the bed bug eggs, leaving behind a brand-new infestation just waiting to hatch.  With heat treatments all the bugs, even the small and unhatched bed bugs are killed.


How do heat treatments work?

A heat treatment starts by raising the temperature in the room to 120-140 degrees and holding it there for several hours.  Most bed bugs are killed within 15 minutes in temperatures over 113 degrees. The bed bug’s eggs require at least an hour to kill at these temperatures, and any bugs hidden inside furniture, walls, or flooring may take a bit longer to kill due to their protective surroundings.

Heat treatments are the future of bed bugs elimination due to their speed, accuracy and easy application!  Tuscon Bed Bug Heater Rentals is proud to offer the highest quality heater rentals to our clients.


Why should I rent a heat packing instead of paying an exterminator?

Save money and DIY!  Bed Bug Heater rentals will save time, money and are flexible to YOUR schedule.  Get your bed bug issues SOLVED in a time frame that works for you, without having to be “worked-in” to a busy pest professional’s schedule.  Heater rentals are also more discrete and can be performed during regular business hours without disrupting your daily scheduling.  Your customers or neighbors will never see a “BED BUG EXTERMINATOR” van outside your home or business!  Bed Bug Heater Rentals are the future of bed bug control!  Kill bed bugs yourself! If you have a bed bug problem at your home or business, please call us today at 520-360-5364.  We can help you rid your home or business of bed bugs FAST!