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Bed Bug Heat Treatments with Easy To Use – Affordable Bed Bug Heater Rentals

Heat is the Best way to  kill bed bugs

Professional Bed Bug Heat Treatments are Expensive.

You can Do-It-Yourself with a Bed Bug Heater Rental and save lots of money.

The Rental Process

Step 1: Call Us for a Personal Treatment Plan

Success begins with a good plan. When you call, we’ll discuss:

  • How long you’ve had the issue?
  • Where are you finding bed bugs in your home?
  • What treatments you’ve tried so far?
  • Have you done anything that might have spread the bugs?

We’ll then formulate a bed bug treatment plan tailored to your situation and provide a rental cost estimate.

Step 2: Schedule Your Rental

Once you decide to proceed, call us to reserve your equipment. Pick-up is free at Tucson Premium Outlet Mall, or we can deliver within Tucson for $75 (outside areas may vary).

Step 3: Watch Our "How To" Videos

After scheduling, we’ll send you instructional videos on:

  • Preparing your home.
  • Operating the equipment.
  • Powering the heater.

Prepare the first room in advance to maximize your rental time.

Step 4: Pick Up the Equipment

When we meet, we’ll review the equipment with you, answer any questions, and discuss your home’s specific needs. You’ll sign a rental contract and provide payment, a driver’s license, and a credit card to be kept on file for incidentals (information is deleted after the equipment is returned in good working order).

We can deliver for a fee. Ask for more information when scheduling.

Step 5: Perform the Treatment

Following the outlined treatment plan, set up and turn on the equipment at home. Follow the monitoring protocol and treat each room as needed. Keep treated rooms closed to maximize effectiveness.

We are available for phone, text, and video conference support throughout the treatment. A phone call can troubleshoot most problems quickly.

Our process is effective, but it requires maintaining a critical temperature of 120°F for the required duration. Success depends on temperature and duration.

Step 6: Return the Equipment

When done, pack up and return the equipment. Call or text us when you are on your way with your estimated arrival time.

Upon return, you’ll receive a discount coupon for 50% off any future rentals within the next three months if needed for a follow-up treatment.

Step 7: Post-Treatment Monitoring

Monitor for any signs of bed bugs over the next three months. Clean thoroughly, vacuum treatment areas, and wash household linens.

Step 8: If You Find More Bugs

If you find bed bugs after the treatment, call us for a second treatment using your 50% discount coupon. Treating a smaller infestation before it grows into a large one is easier and more effective.

Heater Rental Equipment Costs


 The heater equipment treats one room at a time. After treating a room, you move to the next room.

The cost of a Bed Bug Heater Rental depends on how many rooms need treatment.

Typically, it takes between 12 and 24 hours to treat a room, allowing you to treat one to two rooms per day.

Our most popular heater rental package costs $150 for the first day and $100 for each additional day.

The total number of days needed depends on the treatment time (12 or 24 hours per room) and the number of rooms you plan to treat.

For your personalized strategy and a cost estimate, please give us a call.

Tucson Skyline At Night

Janet A.

I would highly recommend Tucson Bed Bug Heater Rental and this equipment to anyone that’s on a tight budget like I was. I couldn’t afford to spend thousands of dollars for another company to come to my house and do the treatment. Kevin made the process super easy and simple and anytime I had a question he was always a phone call away. I will be definitely recommending him to any family or friends that have to deal with this.

Laura S.

I used Kevin this past summer to get rid of bedbugs in my nephew’s apartment. Kevin answered every question we had about the process, trouble shooted over the phone when we couldn’t locate a 220 outlet and accommodated an early morning return of the equipment. This guy knows his stuff and is completely focused on customer education and satisfaction. The process worked, and I would use Kevin again in a heartbeat.

Tricia J.

Kevin made our heater rental experience a breeze. He is professional, thorough and provided detailed instructions which lead to smooth operation of the equipment. We would rent from him again and highly recommend DIY heater rental as a money-saving option to eliminate unwanted bugs from your home.

Bed Bug Certified Service Provider

The Only Certified Bed Bug HEATER Rental Company in Tucson!

Heat Kills the entire life cycle of bed bugs including the eggs!!!

If Bed Bugs are your current nightmare…… let us help! For more information on How to Kill Bed Bugs with heat, please watch our DIY Video, brought to you by Convectex. Review the rental packages we offer and then give us a call to rent your equipment today! We can provide the equipment and training to eradicate your bed bug home invasion! This can be a Do It Yourself project and you will save money!

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Save time and money and RENT BED BUG HEATERS! Learn just how easy renting equipment and performing bud bug heat treatments can be! We provide professional quality heat equipment and give you all the instruction and tools you need to kill bed bugs yourself!

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